Life Sparked

72 Words breathe the spark of our universe. Ripe fruit dangling a branch amidst tree of life! Particles of life thrust forth taking root.

This poem is based on solid science, the fact that particles change when observed. Instantaneous communication between particles. The fact that a particles can divide and be in two places at once is the foundation of this work.

[Intelligent quantum particles
Mysteriously intriguing behaviors
Shy solitary electrons
Unwilling to show true character

Particle or wave how will you behave
When I observe
Why are you afraid to wave
Only blasting particles
You have some nerve

You and your superposition
Is this how your migration started
Particles erupting mitosis
Clone in the mirror your twin parted

Instantly teleported
Particles claimed by vacuum
Sucked into black uncharted void
Spheroid orbits coelesing rhizoid]


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