Reality of life


I stand by my window
watching the streets below
the multicolored shadows moving to n front
some in a rush not to b late
some too slow cos they got time to waste

some hiding behind the walls
smoking deep
some crying loud
cos they got no eyes for those tears to keep
some riding bikes n flying in air
some walking head down
cos they got none to share
sum stretching arms asking for penny
some bunking away waisting money
I turned my head to the other lane

but there too the situation was same
so I closed my window n sat on a mat
pondering on the views I have just had
I was thinking deeply
n suddenly someone called my name
I turned back in vain
it was aunt of mine saying me to go
I had to go cos I was getting late
I dressed myself n steppedout
in the world full of love, jealousy, sadness n hate…


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