FOR My Moon


Don’t hold back your glow
Cause when you’re sad, the temperatures get low
Ice cold, like the snow
And In the darkness everything seems so slow


As the world continues to spin
I’ll wait time and time again
And in slow motion
I’ll rise and fall only to lose you again


I’ll end time, for you
Luna, amabilis
But I won’t cry, for you
Sol, solis


I’ll reach out my arms
Over the seas
Only in your arms
Will I ever be free


But you’re out of reach
And you can’t see
Love is staring you dead in your eyes


Please don’t speak
Your words are empty
My lover in the sky



10 thoughts on “FOR My Moon

      1. गलतियां हो जाए गर लिखने में मुझसे…..
        तुम समझ जाना……
        लिखते वक्त…..
        जज़्बात लफ़्ज़ों से भारी थे…!!
        Haha @ratika. ‘😁😀

        Liked by 1 person

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